Dogs and humans have been Pawsitive Companions for millennia.

We’re here to bring modern dog training methods to this ancient partnership for an amazing life with your dog.

Whether you want to improve your dog’s basic manners, get help with a behavior issue, or enjoy calmer walks, we’ll support you every step of the way.

Why choose Pawsitive Companionship?

Training for the real world

We want your dog to thrive in everyday life, not just during training sessions. Our approach helps you and your dog excel in real-life settings, from politely greeting visitors to walking calmly around the neighborhood.

Science made simple

We take complex training concepts and break them down into simple, practical steps. We’re skilled at translating the science of dog training into methods that work for you and your dog.

Committed to your success

Our support doesn’t end after the training session. We offer comprehensive resources to ensure you have all you need to continue your dog’s training and success.

Our Services

Polite Paws

Get the fundamentals right with basic manners training

Your go-to solution to sharpen those training skills – for you and your dog! We provide personalized coaching in your home using positive and simple methods. Whether you’re settling a new puppy or living with an older dog in need of basic manners, we’ll help you reach your training goals.

Harmony at Home

Resolve behavior issues for a calmer household

Get support for challenging behavior, including resource guarding, fearfulness, barking at visitors, and inter-dog conflicts. We’ll help you resolve these issues and return serenity to your home.

Stress-Free Strolls

Turn your reactive dog into your dream walking companion

We want your daily dog walk to be the best part of your day. Many dogs struggle with reactivity, including barking and lunging at other dogs and people. Through private training and group classes, we’ll give you the skills you need to navigate walks with confidence.

Your Trainer: Ann Marie Easton


Ann Marie is a certified dog trainer with over twenty years’ experience working with dogs and their humans. She’s passionate about the science and art of dog training and behavior, and loves helping her canine and human learners shine. She believes training should be fun, simple, and most of all – pawsitive!


What Clients Say

  • “Ann Marie was a great help with our corgi Cosmo. She helped us practice ways to control his food aggression as well as some of his other less appealing behaviors. She helped us to truly understand why Cosmo behaved the way he did. What seemed baffling and frustrating behavior on Cosmo’s part became an understandable (and treatable!) reaction to his world. Ann Marie knows and loves dogs – and their people too!”

    Ellen Rardin
  • “Owen is 75 pounds and begins to ‘play’ by knocking the girls over and when she gets excited…I [was] terrified that she might actually hurt one of us or act inappropriately toward a friend or stranger. I contacted Ann Marie. She is so understanding of life, people and dogs; and she has a gift of piecing it all together…Owen responded immediately to the training Ann Marie suggested and, with work, had remarkably improved behavior by the following week! Owen continues to make progress and we are so thankful for Ann Marie’s exquisite coaching which helps us incorporate Owen as a fun-loving member of our family.”

    Jesi Hale
  • “My most recent foster dog has had a myriad of anxieties to overcome and offered me my biggest challenge. The worst of these was refusal and fear about getting into a car…I mentioned this at a board meeting and Ann Marie was mentioned. She was wonderful from the beginning…I have always used positive conditioning or training myself and this is what Ann Marie is all about. I just didn’t know that such an anxious dog requires baby steps. Just like the average person, I wanted to see results, immediately. So, Ann Marie had to train me as well as the dog. My foster passed the “acid test” when I asked him to load up for a trip to the vet. Then 3 of the office girls came out to watch and he readily loaded without the encouragement of a treat!”

    Janis Ling

We are working on our Leash Legends class for those who imagine Stress-Free Strolls. Information will be provided in the spring.

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