Stress-Free Strolls

Turn your reactive dog into your dream walking companion

Is your dog’s behavior making walks a nightmare?

If you dread taking your dog outside, we’re here to help. Pawsitive Companionship specializes in resolving reactivity outside the home, using kind and effective methods. Stress-free Strolls is perfect for resolving:
  • Barking and lunging at other dogs on walks
  • Overexcitement or overstimulation during walks
  • Fear or anxiety in unfamiliar outdoor environments
  • Reactive behavior toward people, animals, or objects

We offer private training and specialist classes to address these concerns.

Let’s rediscover the joy of stress-free walks together.

How it Works

Online: $225

for 90-minute online initial consultation, which includes a behavior report.

An initial consultation will happen online via Zoom, which allows us to discuss and assess your dog’s behavior without distractions. You’ll then receive management recommendations to prevent your dog from practicing the unwanted behavior, as well as an outline of the training approach. After the consultation you will be given a detailed report which can be sent to your veterinarian with your permission.

In person: $125/hour

for follow-up sessions

To proceed with behavior modification training, follow-up sessions will be scheduled at a time that suits you. Once we have established some positive new behaviors, training around your dog’s triggers will be held in a safe and controlled environment.

10% discount for seniors (over 60), new rescues adopted within the last two months, and dogs in foster homes.

Leash Legends Classes

Reactivity on walks is a common concern, and learning in a group is a fun and powerful way to improve your dog’s behavior. Following an initial consultation, and provided your dog is older than 5 months, you may be able to join our group classes.

These group classes will:

  • Improve your dog’s leash walking skills
  • Help you avoid triggers of your dog’s reactive behavior
  • Teach you techniques to prevent reactivity before it happens
  • Work with your dog to change their emotional response
  • Teach your dog behaviors that will become a routine part of your walk

$300 for 6 weeks of classes

“There has been a noticeable difference in Maggie’s demeanor since working with Ann Marie. She is calmer and more attentive to us instead of reacting to other dogs. Ann Marie is a great trainer and her methods work!!”

Liz Short

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