Ann Marie Easton


Ann Marie Easton is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KSA), Pat Miller Certified Trainer 4 (PMCT4), and Certified Fear Free Trainer. She has over two decades of experience in the dog world and loves coaching people to train their dogs to become happy, full-fledged family members.

As a scientist, Ann Marie found it easy to embrace positive reinforcement-based training methods – they’re based on decades of scientific research! And as an animal lover, she was drawn to positive training because it improves dogs’ behavior without fear or pain.

Before starting Pawsitive Companionship, Ann Marie earned her dog training chops assessing dogs for Memphis Animal Services and the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County. She was also a lead class instructor at The Dog’s Day, and went on to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Fear Free Professional.

Ann Marie regularly attends workshops, classes, seminars, and conferences offered by leaders in the field. She actively participates in the dog training community as a mentor for Animal Behavior College or CATCH Canine students and is an official Canine Good Citizen evaluator. Ann Marie has worked with volunteers and staff at the HSMSC, regularly speaks at the annual Train Your Dog Month public seminar, and founded Positive Dog Trainers of the Mid-South, a network of trainers in the Memphis area who meet to discuss dog training and behavior.

Ann Marie’s specialties include nurturing puppies into well-mannered adult dogs, helping reactive dogs (and their long-suffering owners) enjoy being around other dogs, and training dogs to be great family pets.

Ann Marie shares her home with her husband, John and their golden retriever, Hygge, who assists her with training videos and building the confidence of other dogs.

Certifications and Courses

  • Ph.D (Microbiology & Immunology)
  • Dog Trainer – Knowledge & Skills Assessed (CPDT-KSA)
  • Pat Miller Certified Trainer 4 (PMCT4)
  • Certified Fear Free Trainer
  • Living and Learning with Animals – Dr. Susan Friedman
  • Unlocking Resilience – Dr. Kristina Spaulding
  • Aggression in Dogs – Michael Shikashio
  • LEGS Family Dog Mediator – Kim Brophey
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Karen Pryor Academy Puppy Start Right
  • Assistant at Pat Miller Peaceable Paws Reactive Rover workshop

Professional Memberships

  • Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Peaceable Paws Affiliates
  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Pet Professional Guild
  • Fear Free Professionals
  • Science Matters Academy

About Bailey — My Canine Inspiration

I was a volunteer dog walker at the Humane Society when I first met Bailey. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been properly socialized as a puppy, so his adopters returned him to the shelter, complaining he was fearful and reactive on walks.

Bailey clearly deserved a stable and permanent home. I’d just started studying professional dog training at Peaceable Paws Academy, which teaches a positive reinforcement-based approach. I’d also seen a control-based training technique used on a “reality” TV show. So, as a trained scientist, I decided to do a little experiment: test both methods to see which one worked better.

I first tried the television trainer’s method, which involved force. It did not go well. In fact, Bailey’s fear increased. Then I tried Peaceable Paws’ method, which relied on a positive approach to overcome fear – and Bailey was soon doing things he’d previously feared to do.

It was not long before I adopted Bailey. Throughout his life, he assisted me with puppy classes and working with dogs who were reactive on leash. I am indebted to Bailey for all he taught me and I miss him still.

Pawsitive Companionship guarantee

It is considered unethical to guarantee training outcomes in the professional dog training community. Leading organizations, such as the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Association for Professional Dog Trainers, and the Pet Professional Guild, forbid doing so.

While we’ll never make false promises about the behavior of another living being (your dog!), we will guarantee:

  • improvement in your dog’s behavior
  • customized assistance to suit your individual dog
  • to never cause your dog pain or fear or use force when training
  • a professional attitude and approach to private training sessions and classes
  • training and behavior modification that uses kind and positive methods

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