Harmony at Home

Resolve dog behavior issues for a calmer household

Are you struggling with your dog’s behavior?

A certified dog trainer can help you tackle difficult behaviors that are impacting you and your dog. Harmony at Home is perfect for:
  • Dog-to-dog aggression in the home
  • Guarding of food, toys, locations, or people
  • Fear of people, noises, or vehicles
  • Fear at the vet
  • Reactive, nervous, or aggressive behavior toward strangers or family members

Improve your dog’s behavior and start loving life with them again.

How it works

Online: $225

for 90-minute online initial consultation, which includes a behavior report.

An initial consultation will happen online via Zoom, which allows us to discuss and assess your dog’s behavior without distractions. You’ll then receive management recommendations to prevent your dog from practicing the unwanted behavior, as well as an outline of the training approach. After the consultation, you will be given a detailed report which can be sent to your veterinarian with your permission.

In person: $125/hour

for follow-up sessions

To proceed with behavior modification training, follow-up sessions will be scheduled at a time that suits you. These will take place in your home. The number of sessions depends on several factors, including the nature and severity of the issue, the length of time your dog has practiced the behavior, and how much time you can devote to working with your dog. During follow-up sessions, we’ll help you understand and practice the exercises designed to modify your dog’s behavior.

10% discount for seniors (over 60), new rescues adopted within the last two months, and dogs in foster homes.

“Edie’s aggressive behavior towards Lucy created such chaos and tension that we felt peace in our home was a pipe dream. Ann Marie taught us how to effectively use desensitization and counterconditioning, positive interrupt and other techniques to significantly reduce the aggressive behavior. We are enjoying peace in our home once again, and our dogs are less stressed by each other.”

Alan May

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