New Year, New Dog Training Focus

Every December we reminisce over the events of the past year and look forward to what the new year will bring. We make resolutions and goals, some of which fade away quickly, while others last and are achieved.

I looked back at the focus of my business, which is to help dog loving people reach their goals for their dog, whether that is a resilient puppy confidently ready to enter the world, an adolescent able to handle life’s frustrations, a well-behaved adult dog, peace in the home between family dogs, or enjoyable walks with their dog.

With a new puppy, an adolescent and even an adult dog who has been in the home for years, some may find life has thrown them a curve ball when their puppy is labeled a shark, their adolescent out-of-control, and their adult dog “aggressive” due to a new behavior. Often a positive outlook for the future with their dog is difficult to see when they find the dog’s behavior frustrating, concerning, worrisome, and possibly heartbreaking in the moment.

Having lived with 5 dogs at one time, and over the past 4 years, revisiting life with a puppy who became an active adolescent, I can empathize with all of these feelings when life with a dog hits a snag.

Over the holidays I set about the task of revising parts of my website. Gone are group classes, with one exception, a future class for dogs who have and display big feelings when they see another person or dog on a walk. The focus of my business is to help people realize their dreams of a happy, joyful life with their dogs, no matter the age or behavior issue they suddenly find themselves experiencing.

Take a look: Let’s train together to achieve your goals with your canine companion.