Private Training

Personal one-on-one training in your home designed specifically for those behaviors you feel are most important for your dog to become a well-mannered member of your family.


Small-group classes to teach good manners, improve your dog’s focus on you, and strengthen important behaviors most dog people want their pups to learn and apply to real life.

Behavior Modification

Personalized training plans and exercises designed to make improvements in your dog’s inappropriate behavior, helping them be better mannered in a variety of situations.

Puppy Manners and Socialization Class

Start your puppy off on the right paw! This class focuses on socialization and play and common , puppy problems. You’ll learn what to do to prevent issues and how to turn them around if your puppy is already exhibiting poor manners.

We prioritize giving your puppy a positive experience to what life holds for them, such as going to the vet, getting groomed, and being out in public or around unfamiliar people. Puppies learn  how to interact with other dogs through play, so we do a lot of that too! Your puppy will begin to learn good manners such as sit, down, go to mat, come when called, and loose leash walking. 


Classes are suspended for January due to the high infectivity of the Omicron COVID19 variant.

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Our Classes

Puppy Manners & Socialization

New puppies need to learn about the world to grow up to be confident adult dogs.Read More

Basic Family Manners

Whether your puppy started with Puppy Manners & Socialization and is ready for the advanced class...Read More

Nose Games

Are you and your dog ready to have some fun? In this class, we’ll utilize and develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities...Read More

What Clients Say

  • There has been a noticeable difference in Maggie’s demeanor since working with Ann Marie. She is calmer and more attentive to us instead of reacting to other dogs. Ann Marie is a great trainer and her methods work!!

    Liz Short
    Leash reactivity
  • Edie’s aggressive behavior towards Lucy created such chaos and tension that we felt peace in our home was a pipe dream.  Ann Marie taught us how to effectively use Desensitization and Counterconditioning, Positive Interrupt and other techniques to significantly reduce the aggressive behavior. We are enjoying peace in our home once again, and our dogs are less stressed by each other.

    Alan May
    Dog-dog reactivity in same home
  • Ann Marie Easton has a deep understanding of dogs… and how they fit into families. Ann Marie was a great help with our corgi Cosmo. She helped us practice ways to control his food aggression as well as some of his other less appealing behaviors. Most important, she helped us to truly understand why Cosmo behaved the way he did. What seemed baffling and frustrating behavior on Cosmo’s part became an understandable (and treatable!) reaction to his world. Anne Marie knows and loves dogs-and their people too!

    Ellen Rardin
    Owner directed reactivity and resource guarding
  • Owen is 75 pounds and begins to “play” by knocking the girls over and when she gets excited, “throwing biting tantrums.” Somehow this behavior only ever targeted people in our family, but I am terrified that she might actually hurt one of us or act inappropriately toward a friend or stranger.

    I contacted Ann Marie. She is so understanding of life, people and dogs; and she has a gift of piecing it all together. She is knowledgeable and quickly figured out our situation and got us back on track with a focused training plan. Owen responded immediately to the training Ann Marie suggested and, with work, had remarkably improved behavior by the following week! Owen continues to make progress and we are so thankful for Ann Marie’s exquisite coaching which helps us incorporate Owen as a fun-loving member of our family.

    Jesi Hale
    Private training for inappropriate adolescent behavior