Living with Dogs


Dog trainers are often asked for help when a client’s dog has surgery and is confined to a crate for several weeks. To ensure the dog doesn’t lose his or her mind during recovery, there are several enrichment ideas that we pass along so the dog’s caregiver can keep their dog happy, stimulated, and using...
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Dog trainers frequently suggest enrichment for their clients’ dogs. A well-rounded life, full of activities that allow the dog to engage in species typical behaviors, such as smelling, chewing, scavenging, chasing, and playing, leads to a healthy and happy dog. This is what enrichment entails – providing our dogs with activities they enjoy and allow...
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Dog owners know which foods are poisonous for our canine companions. The list includes apple seeds, the pits from pitted fruits, chocolate, garlic, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, onions, walnuts, and xylitol, which is found in sugarless gum. I am fully aware of the list and am careful whenever cooking with foods that are on it....
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