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  Finally, 2020 is coming to a close! I bet it is safe to say that everyone is happy to be able to put this year in our rearview mirror and look forward to 2021. Training Moves Online The pandemic forced many trainers, including myself, to move to an online format. I am not computer...
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At this time most people either think about or even write down resolutions for the New Year. Everyone is optimistic and has good intentions. As I think about what my resolutions are, one readily comes to mind – post blogs more frequently. While it is easy to say or even write a resolution, it is...
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Adolescence: What happened to my sweet little puppy? Puppies are not puppies for long. Soon they are teenagers, and their desire to test their world increases. Suddenly your cute, innocent little puppy no longer comes when you call her, or he is more determined to get your attention and has begun jumping on you. Welcome...
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Even before you take that cute bundle of fur home, your puppy has been exposed to training from his or her mom, siblings, and the environment in which he or she was raised. If you want to continue your puppy’s training and help him or her get off on the right paw, you need to...
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Some people view training as that “t” word, a boring part of having a dog that takes too much time and effort. If you share your life with a dog, training is a necessary part of their lives and your responsibility. Training is boring; oh how far from the truth that assumption is! Why do...
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