Behavior Modification

Is your dog’s behavior a problem?

We can improve your dog’s behavior with a private behavior consultation, followed by individualized training sessions. Through the course of our work together, you’ll gain these benefits:

  • Personalized attention to your dog’s behavior issue
  • Customized behavior modification plan and training sessions with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • Enjoy your dog again with the improvements you make in his behavior


This private session provides you with assistance resulting in improvements in your dog’s behavior. Online consultations and follow-up in-person or online training sessions address the following concerns:

  • Leash reactivity towards other dogs, people, bicycles, etc.
  • In-home dog-to-dog aggression
  • Guarding whether of food, toys, locations, or people
  • Fear of novelties, people, or cars
  • Fear at the vet
  • Adolescent jumpy, mouthy, or unruly behavior
  • Fearful, reactive, or aggressive behavior towards strangers or family members
  • Common behavior problems such as house training, leash pulling, chewing, digging, barking, and nipping

It is important that you have discussed the behavior issue with your vet to rule out any medical reasons for your dog’s behavior. During our 1.5-hour online consult, your dog’s behavior issue will be assessed. Management recommendations will be given and an outline of the training program discussed. After the session, you will receive a detailed, written report that includes the training plan designed specifically for you and your dog. With your permission, the report is sent to your veterinarian as well.

Should you choose to continue with your dog’s behavior-modification training, follow-up sessions will be scheduled. The number of sessions depends on several factors, including the type and severity of the issue, the length of time your dog has practiced the behavior, and how much time you can devote to working with your dog. During follow-up sessions, you will practice the exercises designed to help modify your dog’s behavior.

While there is no guarantee as to the outcome of the training, improvements can be made using training methods that are humane, based in sound science, and in keeping with the general understanding of behavior and learning.

If you are not sure if the problem warrants a consultation, contact us for advice. The sooner you do, the sooner you will see improvement in your dog’s behavior.

for initial consultation, which includes the behavior report


for follow-up training



Teach your dog better behavior and enjoy walking again.


Are you embarrassed to walk your dog because they bark at, growl at, pull towards, lunge at, or attack other dogs or people they see? Are you ready to be over your dog’s reactivity and enjoy your walks together again? If you no longer walk your dog or only walk after dark to avoid other dogs and people, this class is for you.


The class will:

  • Provide you with leash walking skills
  • Emphasize management to avoid triggers of your dog’s reactive behavior
  • Teach you techniques to proactively prevent reactivity before it happens
  • Work with your dog to change their emotional response
  • Teach your dog behaviors that will become a routine part of your walk


The following is required before enrolling in the Over Reactive Rover class:

  • Behavior consultation or referral from another trainer/behaviorist
  • For dogs older than 5 months who are reactive towards other dogs or people

6-week class


“My most recent foster dog has had a myriad of anxieties to overcome and offered me my biggest challenge. The worst of these was refusal and fear about getting into a car. He is an 80 # dog and impossible for a woman to lift or force, especially when he flattened to the ground and put his head under the car. This anxiety made him virtually unadoptable. I mentioned this at a board meeting and Ann Marie was mentioned. She was wonderful from the beginning getting to know the dog first and me. I have always used positive conditioning or training myself and this is what Ann Marie is all about. I just didn’t know that such an anxious dog requires baby steps or maybe “miniscule steps” would be a better description. Just like the average person, I wanted to see results, immediately. So, Ann Marie had to train me as well as the dog. My foster passed the “acid test” when I asked him to load up for a trip to the vet. Then 3 of the office girls came out to watch and he readily loaded without the encouragement of a treat!”

Janis Ling